Sleeping Beauty

This movie is a childhood classic, although I watch it now,
and its so not as good as Beauty & the Beast! 
Do you ever have a hard time waking up? Or are you a morning person? 
Well I am a night owl.. As a child and teen, my mom and friends would nickname me "Sleeping Beauty" haha.
here's me asleep as a youngin.
Anyways, as I've become older, I have become a lot better at waking up on time. Through out most of college, I struggled severely with oversleeping and missing or being late to class. I've been tested in sleep studies and everything.. & I'm perfectly healthy.
I've learned so much.. here are a few things that help me to wake up early:

1. Go to sleep at a decent time. That means by 10pm or 11pm, I should be headin' to bed. I haven't seen midnight in a while-- its what I have to do. If one of my favorite show comes on at 10pm (Rookie Blue)-- I have to brush my teeth and get ready for bed on the commercials so that as soon as its over-- Bed time. 11pm is late for me.. Usually I try to be in bed by 10:30pm so that I can be awake at 7:00am the next morning. That gives me 30 minutes to get to sleep and 8 hours of refreshing sleepy goodness.

2. Keep to a strict schedule. If I have to wake up at 7am during the week, I try to wake up at 7am on the weekends too. The more you keep to a schedule, your body becomes accustomed to waking up at 7am and you might not even need an alarm clock eventually.

3. No Napping during the day. NO NAPPING. I find this difficult when I lack a busy schedule on some days.. The key is to stay busy. If you take a nap, take a 20minute nap and no longer than that.. 

4. Exercise. It really helps with sleeping issues. I need to do this more often because it really does make a difference for me. 

5. No eating before bedtime. I always drink water.. but if you eat it should be at least an hour or more before sleep time.

6.No stimulating activity before bedtime. For me, this means not even a shower before bed. I have to shower right after dinner because showers wake me up. If I shower at 10pm before I go to bed, I become super awake. That may not be the case for you but its just something to keep in mind and pay attention to for yourself. Some people like showering in the morning.. that might help too.. but I shower at night.. just not right before bed.

Here is a great song to listen to before bed.. Lullaby by Priscilla Ahn. Btw, I love this song! The video is kinda weird.. but good song!
Hope this post helps those of you tired night wanderers like me get some Sweet Dreams!
And remember:
There is always someone who dreams of your smile and finds in your presence that life is worthwhile. so whenever you're lonely, remember it's true that someone, somewhere is thinking of you.
His name is Jesus.
Love, Jen
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  1. great tips! i am a night owl, too. i do love sleep though since i have a toddler. but i am sure that no matter when i went to bed, i would never want to get up. not a morning girl;)


  2. thanks for the great reminders! sleep is so.....important ;)

  3. what a great post! I am trying to do all these things.I've always been a night owl too. With 4 little ones that doesn't work so well. Thanks for linking up!

  4. Who knew not napping during the day was actually helping me with my sleep. Good tips to remember,
    thanks for sharing!

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